Wild Pup Ventures

Join us each week as we launch our new program in coordination with Nashville Dog Behavior Center and Tami McLeod Canine Coaching. “Wild Pup Ventures” will feature a new hiking, joring (Canicross, scooter, or bikejor), swimming, or camping spot starting right here in gorgeous middle Tennessee.

We feel strongly about a holistic approach to training. Exercise, outdoors, hands on training, and putting your dog in situations where your training is challenged in the real world.

We also feel strongly about being active. Most dogs are meant to run, play, hike, climb and exercise their senses. Even if you are just a weekend warrior, come join us in our outdoor program either in person through monthly workshop meet ups, or through virtual media. Get inspired. Be active. Embrace your dog’s inner Wild Pup.

Message us to get on our Wild Pups Venture class roster and learn about the behavioral requirements to join and contribute to our new YouTube channel as well.