Board and Train Programs

“Immersion Canine Camp”

(one month off leash program)

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Our signature off leash program, “Immersion Canine Camp”, is an intensive thirty day program designed to teach your dog the fundamentals of dog training. Baja Dog Training GSD Client

Our program is predominantly reward based, and incorporates clicker training to effectively teach your dog behaviors such as sit, down, wait, no jumping, go to place (designated spot such as a bed), coming when called, leash manners, leave it, and more.  During your dog’s stay, we work on behavioral issues, teach crate training, and incorporate proper socialization techniques for manners in public settings.  We utilize our own personal, well trained and socially appropriate, safe dogs to work on dog-dog socialization skills as needed. “Immersion Canine Camp” incorporates off leash training.

$2,200 (one month of board and train including two follow up sessions in your home).

$2,500/Behavioral cases

“Jump Start” Dog Training

(two week on leash program)

This is our condensed two week board and train program.  Similar to “Immersion Canine Camp” in that your dog will reside in a home environment in a ranch setting, receive multiple obedience training sessions each day, and will receive daily hikes for mental relaxation.  In “Jump Start” your dog will learn on leash only skills as above. To be eligible for Jump Start you must be a current student or have undergone a private evaluation.

$1,500 (two weeks of board and train including one follow up session in your home).

**We only accept a limited number of students at any given time (1-2 canine students) to ensure individualized attention and care.  Students reside in the trainers home, receive weekly hikes, swim excursions, and the very best care and training available for one of the nation’s top dog trainers.

 **Behavioral cases are handled and housed at the trainer’s discretion due to the possible aggressive nature of dogs in training and therefore may not be subject to the same perks such as group play, public exposure, and extra curricular activities as non aggressive or reactive students.  This is a safety issue for the public, other dogs, and liability.

**Each week you will receive a training update to keep you abreast of you dog’s training progress.

**All board and train students must be current on vaccinations including DHLP, Rabies, and Bordatella.  A negative fecal test within one week of training is required.  Any pets adopted from a shelter must be out of the shelter environment for a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of training date.

Prepayment required.  $200 booking fee required to make a reservation
(applicable toward the overall fees due at the start of training).

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