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animal behavior

Pet Trainer’s Weekend Workshop

“Professional Pet Trainer’s Workshop” (Short Course)-April 22-23, 2017. Two full days of intensive instruction in theory and application. Geared toward professionals seeking to improve their craft.

Prerequisite: none
Enrollment fee: $750 (early bird $675 registration/deposit of $300 must be received by is March 31st)

All Trainers’ Courses will be held in North San Diego County. Enrollment is limited to six trainers. Each trainer may bring up to two dogs. A certificate of completion will be offered and graduates are eligible for an apprentice program.

-learning theory
-nerve structure
-defining active aggression vs defense
-creating behaviors through shaping, capturing, luring
-steps to proper proofing
-when to add accountability

All courses are personalized, quaint, and geared toward trainers truly interested in honing their craft. Training skills, timing, identifying realistic vs unrealistic expectations, creatively infusing drive work with pet dog training, and being the very best trainers we can be. No gimmicks, product sales, etc. Just pure dogmanship.

Tami McLeod will be teaching each course. Her skill set includes a diverse background including companion dog training, competition training, service dog work, and police dog training. Accolades including over 100 working dog titles including several high in trials, regional podium placements, national championship qualifications, and international world team experience with many breeds and types of dogs. She specializes in drive development and values building skills to work a broad range of drive levels, nerve structures, and personalities.

Contact: tami@bajadogtraining.com

Hydro’s Progress: Not “Just” a Walk

So, we walk our dogs every day. It is something we should be able to do with our canine companions and partners. We nurture our relationships with our dogs so we can communicate down the leash. They are perceptive to light tension and leash checks.

For two plus years I carted young Hydro around. Two cross country trips, countless trips to the lake, hiking, and training days at the park. From the time he was seven weeks old he was accustomed to leash pressure, and learned all about motivational leash directionals. Continue reading

Hydro’s Journey: Part III

Continuing with the story of Hydro, he had already bitten his first K9 handler and been returned to the broker, who continued his training while looking for a second handler.  Use these links for Part 1 and Part 2.

Second Handler…Another No Go

I then received word that a department in Mississippi was looking for a dual purpose dog. They required a real dog who could take care of business. I will say that if you want a real dog that could take care of business in a SWAT type situation, Continue reading

Hydro’s Journey: Part II

Continuing with the story of Hydro’s back ground where we left off in Part I, Hydro had made his way into his first police department. His career looked bright, and up until this point I received glowing reports regarding his progress.

First Police Canine Handler Pairing

Hydro was purchased and was to start working as a police canine in a department in Georgia. His new handler had had some previous canine handling experience with a single purpose dog. Continue reading