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Dock diving

Advanced Drive Development Concepts for Competitive Dog Sports Mini Workshop

Tami will be offering a local one day mini workshop workshop this year on her signature training program, Drive Development and an ADVANCED workshop.  Come learn first hand right here in SoCal the fundamentals of her training program.

-Drive Theory for Dog Sport:  Prey, Play, Pack, Fight, Food

-Building Core Drive

-“Teaching versus Reactionary” State of Mind:  Transitioning between high drive states to thinking and back quickly and effortlessly

-Four Phases of Rewards:  From Luring to Placing the Reward Off the Field

-Motivational Proofing Techniques:  Proofing Isn’t Correcting!

-Advanced “Games” to maintain drive and desire in specific obedience exercises

Lots of lecture, hands on, interactive discussion, lunch, and optional evening round table here in San Diego County.  Enough time in the evening or mornings to enjoy a walk or swim at the beach!



Drivey Dog 101

Specifically designed for those dogs and handlers interested in maximizing their dog’s potential in competitive dog sports including competition obedience, Rally, agility, IPO, and Ringsports. Emphasis placed in nurturing interactive play, event markers, building drive, speed, animation, and advancing to a higher level of proficiency. This is an introductory course designed for those relatively new or just entering the world of dog sports. Learn about the amazing world of competitive dog sports and start your journey. Your path need not be determined, as this course is a foundation course on which other sports can be built.

Class is held outdoors on a beautifully groomed and lighted field.

Four consecutive weeks in duration (45 minutes class)

Prerequisite: a good attitude! Caffeine helps, too! 🙂

Enrollment ends: October 31, 2016

PayPal:  Tmacmal@yahoo.com