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Tami McLeod is available for a limited number of workshops throughout the US, Canada and abroad.  Workshops are structured with a combination of lecture on theory and training progression, demonstration, hands on and problem solving.
Click here for a list of upcoming events and rates.


-“Drive Development for Competitive Dog Sports”

-“Intro to Dog Sports”

-“Advanced Play Technique”

-“Managing Arousal Levels in Difficult Dogs”

-“Building Power in Obedience”

-“IPO Skills”

Workshops - BC Puppy

Benefits of Our Workshops

Our workshops are tailored to the needs of our dog sport and professional colleagues. Why book a workshop?

  • My workshops have a specialized focus, which means that they are perfect for dog owners and professionals looking to advance their skills and transition to competition, or refine their current competitive training program.
  • Allow dog professionals to advance their skill set and gain valuable information from one of the best in the industry that they can then pass on to their clients.
  • I come to you.  Over the course of one weekend you can learn what could cost thousands in travel to a continuation education school, in addition to the time away from your facility and/or clients.  Host a workshop, invite other pros or your clients, and have the workshop not only for yourself, but increase interest in your business.

If you are interested in developing your dog’s drive, clarity, control and enthusiasm for competition consider enrolling in, or hosting a customized workshop. Visit my competitive dog sport training site for a bio at


How Much Do These Workshops Cost?

All workshops must be booked at least 45 days in advance. A $300 deposit is due when the booking is made.

I charge a fee of $1,000 per day or $1,800/weekend for any workshop that requires spending a half day or less traveling. This fee does not include the cost of demo dog fees (flight plus health certificate), meals or lodging. The hosting organization/club is responsible for costs due at the start of the workshop.

An additional $200 travel fee is required for transit times over four hours from San Diego Airport. We may conduct local workshops at a discounted rate on a case-by-case basis. Tami may be able to travel to your location by vehicle depending on location.

It is advisable to provide the following:

-indoor area (if weather dictates) or outdoor space for lecture

-PA system (headset preferred)

-separate crating area so as not to disrupt the dogs working

Please contact Tami directly at Tami@bajadogtraining.com if you have any additional questions.