Behavior Modification

The area of canine behavior modification is one that requires more than a skilled dog trainer.  A canine behavioral specialist is needed in this case.  Our depth of hands on experience, combined with our thorough understanding of canine behavior, allows us to provide behavioral modification services.

We understand what makes a dog do what they do.  A combination of identifying drive structures, science based learning, critically balancing relationship to gain confidence and control, and implementing training techniques that  dramatically improve behavior makes our program successful. Behavioral Modification - Food Aggression

Does your dog require Behavioral Modification?

Most severe dog behavioral cases stem from a combination of genetic make up, early young dog development, and living environment.  We identify the source of the issue with a complete interview, evaluation, and case history. We are then able to assist in getting your dog’s behavior on the proper path. In our experience, the in the vast majority of cases we are able to assist without the need for medication, although we will work hand and hand with your veterinarian if the need arises.  Techniques that we incorporate depend on the behavioral issue and may range from focusing on counter conditioning for fearful dogs to relationship management coupled with obedience for dominance aggression.

Our commitment to you.

Typically, severe behavioral issues require a minimum one month stay at the trainers’ home.  By living in the trainers’ home and in many cases interacting with the their safe, well balanced “dog team”, we can help bring normalcy to your dog’s behavior to the best of their ability.

We have a high degree of success with:

  • Dog-dog aggression
  • Dog-human aggression
  • Dominance
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fearful behavior

If you feel your dog may require behavioral modification please contact us to schedule a camp retreat for your dog.  Most behavioral students start with a two week intensive board and train to thoroughly evaluate and reset a dog’s behavior.  However, true behavior modification takes time and repetitions.  There is no short cut to long term behavioral change and therefore expect a minimum of 2-3 months of board and train or a 4-8 week private lesson commitment.

A two week evaluation and basic reset is not sufficient for long term behavioral change.