In-Home Training

We understand the unique challenges each dog owner experiences.  One of the services that we provide is in-home dog training.Baja Dog Training Jacabo

Our in-home dog training services are a perfect option for those who would prefer to train their own dog with the guidance of a professional dog trainer.  It is also a viable option for those who would rather keep their dog in their own home during the training process.   In-home training is the perfect alternative to group classes, as it provides customized training in the comfort of your home, free of distractions, with flexible scheduling options.  Often, our students may schedule mornings, midday, evenings, and even weekends depending on availability.

Lesson packages are available at a rate of $600/four lessons, or $175/single session.

Benefits of In-home Dog Training Services

Dogs learn new behaviors most effectively in a quiet environment conducive to learning.

In-home training is more convenient for many dog owners.

Your dog will receive individual training, which may make it easier for them to process without the distraction of other dogs around.

Customized program specific to your dog’s needs with flexibility to focus on problem areas as opposed to a set curriculum found in group classes.

Is In-home Training a Good Option for You and Your Dog?

In-home training is best suited for those who have the time to dedicate to training, and who prefer to actively engage in the training process to train their own dog each day. If you have a busy schedule, or perhaps are overwhelmed with your dog’s behavior and would prefer that a professional train your dog, then one of our board and train options may be a better fit.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to see if your dog will benefit from in-home dog training. We look forward to working with your dog!

Our middle Tennessee service area includes the communities of Nashville, Brentwood, Leipers Fork, Franklin, Bellevue, Forest Hills, Fairview